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Health Check

Check any type of online web endpoints with any request type by periods. See if they are working properly and within expected thresholds.

Deep Check

Analyze all the resources of your website. See if any internal or external endpoints responding within your expectations.

Load Testing

Test your websites, api endpoints etc. under certain requests per min/sec. See if they can hold under certain loads.



Agent less application.
It'll blow your mind.

You do not need any special agent to get alerts from us. Email, SMS, Slack, Mobile App you will not miss any alert you should get. Best part is you will not install any special application.

Deep as it gets.
See for yourself.

Our Deep Checks analyze your web page and create requests for all the resources you use. You will know if your CDN, Analytics tool, Marketing tools etc. is having problems at that moment. Mistakes of other services will not slow you down any more, cause you will know.

Need to check your APIs.

Our Health Check tool offers any type of requests to be performed. You could add any Header or Body payload to your requests. No worries we got your back.

Asia, Europe, Middle East...

You could make requests from any part of the world. From all or a single place you just pick. Do not worry about the bill, all the same. No hidden costs.

Know Your Limits
Do you?

Websites looses revenue during high loads. Remember that campaign you started? Your website become unresponsive after 5 minutes. No more. You will know how many users you should attract during a campaing or a high season. You will scale before hand to make sure it will work.

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Don't miss any of your alerts we are available on your favorite mobile devices as well.



Our pricing model is as simple as it gets. Pay for what you need, what you use, no complicated packages, no forced package upgrades. Buy what you need no hidden costs VAT is included.